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connectParams.vendorThe type of connection. See Connection Types.
connectParams.hostHost of the source
connectParams.portPort number for the source
connectParams.jdbcJDBC type for the connection
connectParams.defaultDatabase(if applicable) Name of the default database
connectParams.extraLoadParams(if applicable) If the connection types supports them, this setting contains additional parameters to be passed to the host when making the connection.
idInternal identifier for the connection
hostHost of the source
portPort number for the source
vendorString identifying the connection's vendor
paramsThis setting is populated with any parameters that are passed to the source during connection and operations. For relational sources, this setting may include the default database and extra load parameters.

When true, the

D s platform
uses SSL to connect to the source.

vendorNameName of the vendor of the connection
nameInternal name of the connection
descriptionUser-friendly description for the connection
typeType of connection

If true, the connection is public and available to all users.


NOTE: After a connection has been made public, it cannot be made private again. It must be deleted and recreated.

Default is false. A connection can be made public through the command line interface or the Connections page. See Connections Page.

credentialTypeThe type of credentials used for the connection. This value varies depending on where the credentials are stored. See CLI for Connections.
credentialsSharedIf true, the credentials used for the connection are available for use by users who have been shared the connection.

A universal object identifier, which is unique across instances of the platform.

This internal identifier is particularly useful when create import mapping rules.


If set to false, type inferencing has been disabled for this connection. The default is true.

When type inferencing has been disabled, the

D s platform
does not apply
D s item
to data when it is imported. For more information, see Configure Type Inference.

createdAtTimestamp for when the connection was made
updatedAtTimestamp for when the connection was last updated

If present, these values are the credentials used to connect to the database.


NOTE: For security reasons, you can store the connection's credentials in an external file on the

, after which they do not appear in this setting. See CLI for Connections.

creator.idInternal identifier of the user who created the connection.
updater.idInternal identifier of the user who last updated the connection.
workspace.idInternal identifier of the workspace with which this connection is associated.