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idInternal identifier for the job group
nameInternal name of the job group
descriptionUser-friendly description for the job group

Where the job group was executed from:

ui -

D s webapp

cli - command line interface


Description of the object for which the job was run:

  • recipe - Recipe in a flow
  • sampling - Sampling job for a dataset
  • pendingDatasource - Job that is subjected to conversion, such as importing a Microsoft Excel workbook.

Current status of the job group:


Tip: Monitor the value in this field to get status on the specific jobGroup in progress.

  • Created - job group has been created based on the current action.
  • Pending - job group is queued for execution.
  • InProgress - job group is currently running.
  • Complete - job group has completed successfully.
  • Failed - job group has failed.
  • Canceled - job group was canceled by user action.
profilingEnabledWhen true, a profiling job was executed as part of this job group.
runParameterReferenceDateWhen a recipe is executed with dynamic parameters, this parameter is stored with the timestamp at the time of execution. It can be used in debugging execution issues. Do not modify this value.
createdAtTimestamp for when the job group was launched
updatedAtTimestamp for when the job group was last updated
jobsA list of all jobs that were launched based on this job group. For more information, see API JobGroups Get Jobs v4.

Internal identifier of the object from where the job group was executed. For more information, see API WrangledDatasets Get v4.

workspace.idInternal identifier for the workspace where the job was executed
creator.idInternal identifier for the user who created the job group
updater.idInternal identifier for the user who last updated the job group
snapshot.idInternal identifier of the data snapshot for the job group


NOTE: This parameter is used for internal platform purposes. Do not modify.