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idInternal user identifier
emailEmail address (and loginId) for the user
nameDisplay name for the user
ssoPrincipal(If SSO is enabled) Principal value of the user for single-sign on
hadoopPrincipal(If secure impersonation is enabled) Hadoop principal value for the user, which determines permissions on the cluster
isAdminIf true, the user account is an administrator account.
isDisabledIf true, the account is disabled.
forcePasswordChange(if enabled) When set to true, the user must change the account password on next login.

Current state of the user account:

  • active - user is active and usable in the workspace
  • suspended - user cannot access the workspace. User's data remains.
  • deleted hidden - user account has been deleted. If not re-enabled within a period of time, the user's data is removedhidden from use.
lastStateChangeTimestamp for when the value of the state parameter was changed.
createdAtTimestamp for when the user account was created
updatedAtTimestamp for when the user account was last modified
outputHomeDirHome directory where the user's generated results are written
fileUploadPathPath on backend datastore where files uploaded from the user's desktop are stored for use as imported datasets.
lastLoginTimeTimestamp for when the user last logged in to the product.
awsConfig(If AWS integration is enabled) Value contains the S3 credentials, default bucket, and any extra buckets to which the user has access