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User-visible output settings. Contents may vary depending on the type of output.
Internal identifier for job execution. Used by other dependent jobs to identify where to write results to or to collect results from.

Indicator for the running environment where the job was executed. Values:

  • photon - Photon running environment internal to the
    D s platform
  • spark - Spark running environment on Hadoop integrated cluster.

For more information on running environments, see Running Environment Options.

Current status of the job. See API JobGroups Get v3.

Type of job. Values:

  • filewriter - output results to a specified file
  • ingest - internal job for transferring JDBC-based data to backend storage. For more information, see Configure JDBC Ingestion.
  • profile - job to compute statistical information about set of results.
  • publish - job to publish previously wrangled results to a new destination.
  • wrangle - execute the specified set of
    D s lang
    steps on a dataset.
Size of sample as a percentage of the entire dataset. 100 means that the entire dataset is used as the sample.
Percentage of completion of the job at the time of the request. 100 means that the job has finished or failed.
Internal identifier of the user who launched the job.
If the job failed, any error message is displayed here.