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URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes

API Connections Create v3

API Connections Create v4

  • Changes to request body
  • Changes to response body (connection object)

API Connections Get List v3

API Connections Get List v4

/vX/connections/:idGETAPI Connections Get v3API Connections Get v4
  • Reference content on new version of connection object
/vX/connections/:id/statusGETAPI Connections Get Status v3

API Connections Get Status v4

  •  No v4 equivalent of v3 endpoint

API Connections Delete v3

API Connections Delete v4



URIMethodv3 Documentationv4 DocumentationNotes

API JobGroups Create v3

API JobGroups Create v4

  • v4 version supports adding overrides for datasets with parameters through API endpoint
/v4/jobGroupsGETAPI JobGroups Get List v3API JobGroups Get List v4
  • Returned information in v4 version includes runtime parameter overrides that were applied

API JobGroups Get v3

API JobGroups Get v4

/v4/jobGroups//:id/jobsGETAPI JobGroups Get Jobs v3API JobGroups Get Jobs v4
  • Leaner and more informative response in v4
/v4/jobGroups/:id/statusGETAPI JobGroups Get Status v3

status field in:

API JobGroups Get

Status v4


doc includes method of acquiring status of all jobs for a specified status (e.g. Failed)

/v4/jobGroups/:id/publishPUTAPI JobGroups Put Publish v3API JobGroups Put Publish v4 
/v4/jobGroups/:idDELETEAPI JobGroups Delete v3API JobGroups Delete v4