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In column-by-example transformations, you create a new column from an existing one by mapping input to output values.

General workflowtask:

  1. Select the column to use as input data. 
  2. Change the column to String data type, if needed. 
  3. From the column menu, select Create column from examples. See Transformation by Example Page.
  4. Transform by example:
    1. Locate a row containing an example value to transform.
    2. In the corresponding row in the Preview column, you can enter in the new value to which the input is mapped.
    3. The transformation in development is updated to accurately capture the mapping you just performed. Additional rows in the output column may be accurately mapped, as well.
  5. Repeat the above steps until all values in the output column appear to be accurately mapped. 
  6. When satisfied, add the transformation to your recipe. 
  7. Change the data type of the target and the source columns, if needed.
  8. Remove the source column, if needed.