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  • You cannot create macros from steps that contain the following:
    • Multi-dataset operations like join, union, and lookup
    • Data-dependent transformations like header, valuestocols, and pivot.
    • Other macros
  • Sharing of macros is not supported.
  • Parameter limitations on the following types:
    • limits
    • enums
    • arrays
  • You cannot share macros. You can share recipes containing macros. More information is below.


This feature is enabled by default. 


After a macro is created, you can apply an instance of it anywhere in your recipes. See Apply a Macro.


Macros cannot be independently shared.

Copy a flow:

All macros are included. Steps are not expanded.

Share a flow:


NOTE: When a flow is shared, its macros are also shared with the collaborators on the flow. All of the macros owned by the creator of the flow are also shared with collaborators.

Collaborator can use or modify the macro in the shared flow. Any of the flow owner's macros can be used in other recipes.


Export: When a flow containing a recipe that references macros is exported, macros are exported as expanded steps. 

Import: When a flow containing macros is imported, the expanded steps are imported normally.




After macros have been created, you can manage them through the Library. For more information, see Macros Page.