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Review the changes to the publicly available REST APIs for the 

D s platform
 for the current release and past releases. 

Changes for Release 6.4.2

Overrides to relational sources and targets

Through the APIs, you can now apply overrides to relational sources and targets during job execution or deployment import. 


When you are running a job, you can override the default publication settings for the job using overrides in the request. For more information, see API Workflow - Run Job.


When you import a flow package into a deployment, you may need to remap the source and output of the flow to use production versions of your data. This capability has been present in the product for file-based sources and targets. Now, it's available for relational sources and targets. For more information, see Define Import Mapping Rules.

Changes for Release 6.4

Request format for assigning connection permissions endpoint has changed

For this endpoint:

Code Block


  • <cid> is in the internal connection identifier.

The request payload format has changed.

Before Release 6.4, the request format was as follows:

Code Block
    "personId": 3,
    "role": "readOnly"

Beginning in Release 6.4, the request format is as follows:

Code Block
  "data": [
      "person": {
        "id": 3
      "role": "readOnly"


NOTE: The old request format is no longer supported.

For more information, see API Connections Permissions Create User v4.

v4 version of password reset request endpoint