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  1. Hadoop cluster: The Hadoop cluster should already be installed and operational. As part of the install preparation, you should have prepared the Hadoop platform for integration with the 
    D s platform
    . See Prepare Hadoop for Integration with the Platform
    1. For more information on the components supported in your Hadoop distribution, See Install Reference.
  2. Storage: on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.
    1. The 
      D s platform
       can interact with storage that is in the local environment, in the cloud, or in some combination. How your storage is deployed affects your configuration scenarios. See Storage Deployment Options.
  3. Base storage layer: You must configure one storage platform to be the base storage layer. Details are described later.


    NOTE: Some deployments require that you select a specific base storage layer.


    After you have defined the base storage layer, it cannot be changed. Please review your Storage Deployment Options carefully. The required configuration is described later. 

Hadoop versions


D s platform
 supports integration only with the versions of Hadoop that are supported for your version of the platform. 


NOTE: The versions of your Hadoop software and the libraries in use by the

D s platform
must match. Unless specifically directed by
D s support
, integration with your Hadoop cluster using a set of Hadoop libraries from a different version of Hadoop is not supported.

For more information, see System Requirements.

Platform configuration

After the

D s platform
 and its databases have been installed, you can perform platform configuration. 
D s config