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  • Snowflake is an S3-based data warehouse service hosted in the cloud. Auto-scaling, automatic failover, and other features simplify the deployment and management of your enterprise's data warehouse. For more information, see


  1. S3 base storage layer: Snowflake access requires installation of
    D s item
    in the AWS infrastructure and use of S3 as the base storage layer, which must be enabled. See Set Base Storage Layer. 
  2. Same region:  The Snowflake cluster must be in the same region as the default S3 bucket.
  3. Integration: Your  

    D s item
      is connected to an EMR cluster. 


    NOTE: EMRFS Consistency View must be enabled.

    See Configure for EMR.

  4. Deployment: 

    D s platform
    is deployed in EC2.

  5. PUBLIC schema: If you do not create an external staging database:
    • A PUBLIC schema is required in your default database.
    • If you do not provide a stage database, then a temporary stage is created for you under the PUBLIC schema in the default database.
  6. S3 bucket: The user-created stage must point to the same S3 bucket as the default bucket in use by 
    D s product


  • You cannot perform ad-hoc publication to Snowflake.
  • SSO connections are not supported.