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You can also access the flows that have been shared with you.You can organize your flows into folders. A folder is simply a container for your flows. To create a folder, click Create. Then, select Create Folder. For more information, see Manage Flows with Folders.

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Flows Page


This tab contains the flows that you have created.


  • Name: The name of the flow and its description (if any).

    • Click the flow name to review the flow, its datasets, and its recipes. See Flow View Page.

  • Shared: Click this link to see the users with whom the flow has been shared. A value of 2 Users or more indicates that the flow has been shared. An empty column indicates that you are the owner of the flow and have not shared it with anyone else. See Share Flow Dialog.

  • Datasets: Count of datasets and recipes in the flow.
  • Last Updated: Timestamp for the last time that the flow was modified.