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deprecatedFeature or capability is no longer actively supported. It may still work, but future fixes or enhancements are unlikely.
end of lifeFeature or capability has been removed from the product.

For more information on end of life policy for 

D s product
, see

Release 6.4

Release End of Support date:

v3 APIsdeprecated

The v3 version of the APIs is no longer supported. Please migrate to using the v4 APIs. See API Migration to v4.


The PNaCl browser client extensions has been deprecated. Please verify that all users of

D s product
are using a supported version of Google Chrome, in which the WebAssembly client extension is automatically enabled. For more information, see Desktop Requirements.

Command Line Interfaceend of life

The CLI is no longer available. Please migrate to using the v4 APIs.See CLI Migration to APIs.

Java 7deprecated

Support for Java 7 in the platform has been deprecated. Please upgrade the

D s node
and any connected cluster to use Java 8.

Chat with usend of life

The Chat with Us feature has been removed from the product. The underlying integration did not work.

If you need to reach out, please

D s support

Cloudera 5.14.x and 5.15.xdeprecatedPlease upgrade to Cloudera 6.2.x.
HDP 2.5.xdeprecatedPlease upgrade to HDP 3.1.x.

Release 6.0.2

Release End of Support date: