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License limits

Access to the product is determined by two factors:

  • Number of users vs. number of users permitted by the license
  • Expiration date of the license

How users are counted:

The number of users of the product is determined by:

  • Number of active and disabled/suspended users
  • Deleted users may remain in the system for a period of time. These users are not counted against the license limit.

Download license key file


A valid license key  (license.json) is provided to each customer prior to installation. Your license key file is a JSON file that contains important information on your license.


NOTE: If your license key has expired, please contact

D s support

Install your license key

If you are updating your license, you may want to save your previous license key to a new location before overwriting.


NOTE: Do not maintain multiple license key files in this directory.

To apply your license key, copy the key file to the following location in the

D s item

Code Block

Update your license key

After you have installed your license key, you can update your license with a new one through the Admin Settings page. See Admin Settings Page in the Admin Guide.