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  1. If you don't have a Teradata developer account, create one here:
  2. Log in to the account. Navigate to
  3. Download the JDBC driver in ZIP or TAR form.
  4. Copy the downloaded ZIP or TAR file to the 
    D s node
  5. Extract and place the JAR file into a folder accessible to the 
    D s item
  6. Verify that the 
    D s item
     is the owner of the JAR file and its parent folder.
  7. D s config
  8. Locate the data-service.classpath. To the classpath value add the folder where you installed the JAR file. For the new entry, remember to add the following to the entry:
    1. Add a prefix of :.
    2. Add a suffix of /*.

    3. Example:

      Code Block
    4. Whole classpath example:

      Code Block
      "data-service": { ...
      "classpath": "%(topOfTree)s/services/data-service/build/libs/data-service.jar:%(topOfTree)s/services/data-service/build/conf:%(topOfTree)s/services/data-service/build/dependencies/*:/opt/trifacta/drivers/*"
  9. Save your changes and restart the platform.

Increase Read Timeout

Particular when reading from large Teradata tables, you might experience read timeouts in the 

D s webapp