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Tip: Sample counts are used for profiling when in the Transformer page. When a visual profile is generated as part of your job, the counts are taken from the entire dataset.

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Status Bar


  • In the column histogram, you can select a column value and drag to select a range of values for suggestions on transformations. 
  • Null values are a special case of missing values. You can use the ISNULL function to identify null values in a column, which appear among the category of missing values. See See Manage Null Values.
  • When you select one or more values in the column histogram, you can see the corresponding values for the row values in the histograms for other columns.


  1. In the Transformer page, click Run Job.
  2. Click the Profile Results checkbox.  

  3. Run the job. 
  4. When the job finishes, click the Job Id link. Then, click the Profile tab in the Job Details page.




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Visual Profile

This visual profile displays statistics across the entire dataset. Since the data volume of the entire dataset can be quite large, these stats may be approximations. See See Job Details Page.