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  • It is easier to work with JSON in which each row of the file is a record. When a record spans multiple rows, additional steps are required in the application to render it into tabular format. The example uses multi-row JSON records.



NOTE: JSON-formatted files that are generated by

D s product
are rendered in JSON Lines format, which is a single line per-record variant of JSON. For more information, see

  • D s product
     can generate a JSON file as an output for your job. Characteristics of generated JSON files:
    • Newline-delimited: The end of each record is the \n character. If your downstream system is expecting comma-delineated records except for the last one, additional work is required outside of the application.
    • Non-nested: Each record in the generated file is flat. 
      • For multi-level JSON hierarchies, you can nest columns together and leave the top level as a set of columns in the data grid. However, on output, the second and lower hierarchies appear as quoted string values in the output. Additional cleanup is required outside of the application.