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  1. In Flow View, select your current recipe. Click Add new recipe.
  2. This recipe becomes the source for a branched output. Give the new recipe an appropriate name. For example, Pivot-SalesPerProductPerStore
  3. For this recipe, click the Output icon. Specify the appropriate output format and location that you'd like to generate for this branched output.
  4. Select your current recipe again. Click Add new recipe.
  5. This recipe becomes the extension of your current recipe. Give the new recipe an appropriate name. For example, MyRecipe-Part2.
  6. Select the Pivot-SalesPerProductPerStore recipe. Click Edit recipe.
  7. Build your pivot transformation in this recipe.
  8. When ready, run the job. The output should be generated in the appropriate format and location.


    Tip: When you run a job, all upstream dependencies are generated as part of the job. However, if you have multiple branches in your flow, you must run multiple outputs to generate all of the results. Generating these results may be easier if you create scheduled destinations and then add a schedule to trigger them. For more information, see Overview of Automator.

D caption
Multiple pivot tables sourced from output of a primary recipe for the flow. POS-r01-Part2 can be used for continued wrangling of primary recipe.