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As needed, you can export a flow from 

D s product
. An exported flow is stored in a ZIP file that contains all objects needed to use the flow in any instance of that platform that can access the flow's sources.


NOTE: Only the flow owner can export a flow.

Exported flows can be imported into the same system or different systems. Flow export is useful for:

  • Backups of work in progress



    You cannot import flows that were exported from a version before Release 6.8.See Changes to the Object Model.

  • Archiving of completed development work
  • Migrating flows from one instance to another


  • Deployment of work to Production environments

An exported flow also includes any configured webhook tasks. For more information, see Create Flow


Webhook Task.

Export from Flows Page




Tip: You can also export from Flow View. See Flow View Page.


NOTE: When you import a flow, you import this ZIP file. You cannot import the contents of the ZIP. If your local environment automatically unzips ZIP files, please re-ZIP before you import. For more information, see Import Flow.

Export from Production instance