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Indicates an S3 bucket.


NOTE: You cannot add an entire S3 bucket as a source of data for your datasets.

  • Click the Plus icon to select all readable files in this folder.
  • Click the text link to open the folder and browse further. You must have the appropriate permissions in your S3 account.


    Tip: When you open a new folder, a reference to it is added to the Path value. You can modify the path value manually, which may be a faster way to navigate up a deep directory structure.


    Tip: Sizes are displayed next to files. They are not displayed next to folders.


Click the Plus icon to select this file.

Specify S3 Path:

In the S3 browser, you can specify an explicit path to resources. Click the Pencil icon, paste the path value, and click click Go.

For example, if your home input directory is the following:

Code Block

You should paste the following in the Path textbox:

Code Block