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  • Ingest: Data is ready into the platform from the sources.
  • Convert: Some imported datasets must be converted from their source format to a format that is natively readable by the product. Typically, these jobs convert binary files into CSVs for use.


    NOTE: The files generated during Convert jobs are retained only for the duration of job execution, after which they are purged.

  • Transform: All recipes in the job are executed at scale against datasources.
  • Profile: Results of the transformation are profiled, if profiling has been enabled for the job.
  • Publish: Results are written to the specified output locations and formats.



NOTE: Log files that are configured for JSON output format cannot be included in the support bundle.


NOTE: You can disable or configure the contents of the support bundle. For more information, see Configure Support Bundling.

conf files folder

Current version and archived versions of 

D s triconf
, the core platform configuration file.If the platform is connected to a Hadoop cluster, additional cluster configuration files are retrieved from the local
D s node
and included in the support bundle.

Example filenames(s):

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For more information on these log files, see System Services and Logs.


Build number of the software from which this bundle was downloaded.