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The following configuration includes the default values.


Code Block
"photon": {
  "cacheEnabled": true,
  "numThreads": 4,
  "enabled": true,
  "distroPath": "/photon/dist/centos6/photon",
  "traceExecution": false,
  "websocket": {
    "host": "localhost",
    "port": 8082
  "mode": "wasm"


cacheEnabledDebugging setting. Leave the default value.

Maximum number of threads permitted to the

D s photon
process. For recommended values, see Configure Photon Client.


This value should be set to true. For more information, see Configure Photon Client.


Please verify that this property is set to the following value, which works for all operating system distributions:

Code Block
  "distroPath": "/photon/dist/centos6/photon",
traceExecutionDebugging setting. Leave the default value.
websocket.hostInternal parameter. Do not modify.
websocket.portInternal parameter. Do not modify.

Set this value is wasm. For more information, see Configure Desktops.