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Set up directory permissions

On all Hortonworks cluster nodes, verify that the YARN user has access to the YARN working directories: 

Code Block
chown yarn:hadoop /mnt/hadoop/yarn

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Hortonworks, you may need to clear the YARN user cache for the

D s defaultuser

Code Block
rm -rf /mnt/hadoop/yarn/local/usercache/trifacta

D s platform

The following changes need to be applied to the 

D s node

Except as noted, these changes are applied to the following file in the 

D s item

D s triconf

Configure WebHDFS port

  1. D s config

  2.  WebHDFS: Verify that the port number for WebHDFS is correct:

    Code Block
    "webhdfs.port": <webhdfs_port_num>,

  3. Save your changes.

Configure Resource Manager port

Hortonworks uses a custom port number for Resource Manager. You must update the setting for the port number used by Resource Manager.

D s config


NOTE: By default, Hortonworks uses 8050 for Resource Manager. Please verify that you have the correct port number.

Code Block
"yarn.resourcemanager.port": 8032,

Save your changes.

Configure location of Hadoop bundle JAR

  1. Set the value for the Hadoop bundle JAR to the appropriate distribution. The following is for Hortonworks 2.6:

    Code Block
    "hadoopBundleJar": "hadoop-deps/hdp-2.6/build/libs/hdp-2.6-bundle.jar"

  2. NOTE: If you are using HDP and above, there is a known incompatibility between the cluster and the version of the Hadoop bundle JAR that is shipped with the product. The workaround solution is to use bundle JARs from an earlier compatible version. Please set the following properties in the Admin Settings page:

    Code Block
    "hadoopBundleJar": "hadoop-deps/hdp-2.6.5/build/libs/hdp-2.6.5-bundle.jar"

    Code Block
    "data-service.hiveJdbcJar": "hadoop-deps/hdp-2.6.5/build/libs/hdp-2.6.5-hive-jdbc.jar"

    Code Block
    "spark-job-service.hiveDependenciesLocation": "%(topOfTree)s/hadoop-deps/hdp-2.6.5/build/libs",

  3. Save your changes.

Configure Hive Locations

If you are enabling an integration with Hive on the Hadoop cluster, there are some distribution-specific parameters that must be set. For more information, see Configure for Hive.