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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DEV and version r071


  1. D s config
  2. Edit the SMTP settings:

    Code Block
    "": "<SMTP_HOST>",
    "smtp.port": "587"
    "smtp.username": "<EMAIL_ACCT_USERNAME>",
    "smtp.password": "<EMAIL_ACCT_PWD>",
    "smtp.enableSSL": true
    "smtp.validateRegistrationEmail": false,
    "smtp.rejectUnauthorized": true,
    "smtp.authenticated": true,
    hostHostname of the SMTP server

    Port number to use to contact the SMTP server; the server listens for new email on this port. 587 is the default value.


    Tip: SMTP port 25 can be used as a listening port, too.


    Username of the email account to use to send emails to users.


    NOTE: This username appears in the email message.

    passwordPassword of the email account to use.

    Set to true, if the SMTP server is configured to use SSL. Default is true. .


    NOTE: When SSL is enabled for the email server, its certificate cannot be self-signed.

    validateRegistrationEmailWhen set to true, an email is sent to confirm registration to newly registered users, based on the configured SMTP server connection.
    When set to true, the email server rejects any connection that is not authorized from the list of supported certificate authorities.
    If you use an unauthenticated SMTP connection, set this value to false.
  3. Save your changes and restart the platform.

Configure email sender

You can configure the email address and display name of all emails sent from the 

D s node



D s config

Edit the following settings:

Code Block
"webapp.emailSender": "<SENDER_EMAIL_ADDRESS>",
"webapp.emailSenderName": "<SENDER_DISPLAY_NAME>",


Enter an email account to use as the displayed sender of these emails.


Save your changes and restart the platform.


D s item
 can send a test email to a specified email address using the configured SMTP settings. For more information, see Admin Settings Page.


Optionally, you can enable the 

D s platform
 to send email notifications on the status of job executions using the configured SMTP server.

NOTE: This feature requires access to an SMTP server to send emails.


  1. D s config
  2. Configure the following three parameters:

    Email notifications

    Set this parameter to enabled to permit the platform to send email notifications. Default is disabled.

    Email notifications: on Job FailureSet this parameter to the default types of jobs that generate emails when they fail. Default is scheduled.
    Email notifications: on Job SuccessSet this parameter to the default types of jobs that generate emails when they succeed. Default is never.

    Tip: The above defaults can be overridden for individual flows. See below.

    For more information on the available settings, see Workspace Settings Page.

  3. To display correct images and links in the emails, please do the following:
    1. D s config
    2. Locate the following parameter. Verify that its value is set to the host and port number of the 

      D s platform

      Code Block
      "webapp.hostUrl": ""
    3.  Save your changes and restart the platform.