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  • You cannot create datasets with parameters from uploaded data.
  • You cannot create dataset with parameters from multiple file types.
    • File extensions can be parameterized. Mixing of file types (e.g. TXT and CSV) only works if they are processed in an identical manner, which is rare.
    • You cannot create parameters across text and binary file types.
  • You cannot apply parameters to write or publishing operations.
  • Parameter and variable names can be up to 255 characters in length.
  • For regular expression patterns, the following reference types are not supported due to the length of time to evaluate:
    • Backreferences. The following example matches on axabxb, and cxc yet generates an error:

      Code Block

    • Lookahead assertions: The following example matches on a, but only when it is part of an ab pattern. It generates an error:

      Code Block

  • For some source file types, such as Parquet, the schemas between source files must match exactly.


For each type of parameter, you can apply override values as needed.

Override TypeDescription
dataset parametersWhen you run a job, you can apply override values to variables for your imported datasets. See Run Job Page.
flow parameters

At the flow level, you can apply override values to flow parameters. These values are passed into the recipe and the rest of the flow for evaluation during recipe development and job execution.


NOTE: Overrides applied at the flow level are passed into all recipes and other objects in the flow. Wherever there is case-sensitive match between the name of the overridden parameter and a parameter name in the flow, the override value is applied. These values can be overridden by ad-hoc values. See "Order of Precedence" below.

output parametersWhen you define your output objects in Flow View, you can apply override values to the parameterized output paths on an as-needed basis when you specify your job settings. See Run Job Page.

Order of Parameter Evaluation