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Formats a numeric set of values according to the specified number formatting. Source values can be a literal value, a function returning a numeric value, or reference to a column containing Integer or Decimal values.

  • If the source value does not include a valid input for this function, a missing value is returned.
  • When a NUMFORMAT transform  transform is applied, the column can be re-typed to a different data type. For example, if your format string (second parameter) is is '#' (a single hash mark), then all values are rounded to the nearest integer, and the column is re-typed as Integer.


    Tip: In general, you should format your numeric data after you have completed your computations on it. In some cases, you might lose numeric precision in converting formats, or your data can be re-typed to a different data type (e.g. Decimal to Integer).

  • For more information on formatting date values, see see DATEFORMAT Function.

D s product
supports  supports a wide variety of number formats, following Java standards. For more information, please see Java's documentation.


D lang syntax
WrangleTextderive type:single value: numformat(MyPrice, '$###,###.##') as: 'dateformat_MyPrice'

numformat(MyPrice, '$###,###.##')

Output: Returns  Returns the values from the the MyPrice column  column converted to a price format.


D lang syntax
WrangleTextderive type:single value:numformat(numeric_col, number_format_string)

numformat(numeric_colval, number_format_string)

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
valYstring, integer, or decimal
Literal value, function returning a numeric value, or name of Integer or Decimal column whose values are to be formatted
number_format_stringYstringLiteral value of the number formatting string to apply

D s lang notes




Literal numeric value, a function that returns a numeric value, or the name of the column whose Integer or Decimal data or Decimal data is to be formatted.

  • Values with more than 20 digits after the decimal point are truncated by this function.

  • Missing values for this function in the source data result in missing values in the output.
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.

D s

Required?Data TypeExample Value
YesString (column reference), function, or Integer or Decimal literalMyPrice


String value indicating the number format to apply to the input values.