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This example demonstrates functions that can be used to change the case of String values.


D generate list excerpts
pagesUPPER Function,LOWER Function,PROPER Function


In the following example, you can see a number of input values in the leftmost column. The output columns are blank. 

AbCdEfGh IjKlMnO

go West, young man!

Oh, *(*$%(&! That HURT!

A11 w0rk and n0 0play makes Jack a dull boy.


AbCdEfGh IjKlMnOABCDEFGH IJKLMNOabcdefgh ijklmnoAbcdefgh Ijklmno
go West, young man!GO WEST, YOUNG MAN!go west, young man!Go West, Young Man!
Oh, *(*$%(&! That HURT!OH, *(*$%(&! THAT HURT!oh, *(*$%(&! that hurt!Oh, *(*$%(&! That Hurt!
A11 w0rk and n0 0play makes Jack a dull boy.A11 W0RK AND N0 0PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY.a11 w0rk and n0 0play makes jack a dull boy.A11 W0rk And N0 0play Makes Jack A Dull Boy.

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