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  1. In the left nav bar, click the Flows icon at the top.
  2. In the Flows page, you should see an Example Flows folder. 
    1. If you do, click it to open it.
    2. If you do not, you can: 
      1. Click the Library Library for Data icon. Then, click Import Data
      2. Upload a file. For more information, see Import Data Page.
      3. Then, continue the process of adding the file to a flow and running a job from there.
  3. Select either of the flows. 
  4. The flow opens in Flow View. Click the Plus icon next to one of the recipe objects in the flow canvas. Select Create Output to run.
  5. An output object is created. This output defines how job results are published. In this case, the default output is a CSV file in the default location. In the right panel, click Run
  6. In the Run Job page, you can review the options. For simplicity, accept the defaults. Click Run.
  7. The job is queued for execution. The Job Details page permits you to track progress.
  8. When the job completes, click the Output destinations tab to review your outputs.