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, you can rename individual columns through the column drop-down. Through transform steps, you can apply renaming to one or more columns.

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Name Requirements

  • Column names are case-insensitive and cannot begin with whitespace.
  • Column names cannot contain escaped characters, such as \n.


NOTE: When publishing to Avro,


  • For best results, use alphanumeric characters and the underscore character (_)


  • only.
  • Column names cannot begin with a



NOTE: Column names with spaces or special characters in a transformation must be wrapped by curly braces. Example:

Code Block
column1,{Column 2 with space},column3

Tip: To prevent potential issues with downstream systems, you should limit your column lengths to no more than 128 characters.

Reserved keywords

The following keywords should not be used as column names, as they may conflict with underlying requirements of the platform or the running environments with which it integrates:


NOTE: This list may not be complete. If your job fails with a duplicate column error, please review your column names to identify potential reserved keywords among them.



    NOTE: There are two underscore characters in a row (__) after TRIFACTA in each of the above entries.

Rename a column through column menu

To rename a column, click the drop-down caret next to the column name. Click Rename.


  • The separator is defined as an underscore character (_). This value can be empty.
  • When Fill across is selected, if any row value is empty, the last non-empty value for the row in a previous column is used as part of the column header.

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label(label = "rename")