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  1. In the Recipe panel, select the step or steps to include in your macro. 


    NOTE: Source steps from your recipe do not have to be consecutive. In the macro, steps are listed in the order in which they appear in the recipe.

  2. From the recipe toolbar context menu, select Create or replace macro


    NOTE: The dialog name and options vary based on the selection of create or replace macros.

  3. From the drop-down, select Create a macro. Enter a Name and an optional Description.


    NOTE: The Name of the macro appears in the 

    D s webapp
    . Please verify that the Name is unique.

  4. Click Next.

  5. In the Create macro dialog, you can review the selected steps and the inputs for the macros:

    D caption
    Create macro inputs
  6. For each step in the macro:
    1. Left column: Select the step.
    2. Middle column: For the selected step, review the values that were specified for the step in the original recipe. 
    3. Right column: As needed, you can provide values for the currently selected inputs from the middle column. For a selected value, you can choose to create a new input or use an existing input. 
  7. You can review the macro inputs separately in the Inputs tab. For more information, see "Define macro inputs" below.
  8. When you have finished specifying your macro and its inputs, click Create.
  9. The macro is created. 
  10. In the recipe location where you created it from, the steps from which you created your macro are replaced with an Apply transformation step that references your macro name.


You can manage macros through the Library page. See  Macros Page . 

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