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Content has been disabled from publication with the AAC docs. Platform Features remains an unclear topic, as these features overlap between platform and Designer Cloud Powered by Trifacta. For Firefly, some of these features may not apply at all. 

Content has been moved back under Feature Overviews. In Platform, it would live under Sharing.



In a collaborative environment, it can be helpful to be able to have multiple users work on the same assets or to create copies of good quality work to serve as templates for others.  

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 enables users to collaborate on the same flow objects or to create copies for others to use for independent work.


  1. The default output directories for any user can be accessed by any other user. This configuration must be managed in the base storage layer.
  2. When the sample is executed, an individual user must set his or her default output directory to a location that shared users of the flow can access.


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  • Datasets
    • Use the imported datasets and references as sources in other flows accessible to the collaborator.
    • Add new imported datasets.
    • Remove existing imported datasets.
    • Change the source of datasets.
    • Edit dataset names and descriptions.
  • Recipes
    • Add new recipes.
    • Edit the existing recipes, including multi-dataset operations such as union or join.
    • Delete recipes.
    • Copy recipes within the shared flow.
    • Move recipes to the shared flow.
    • Move recipes out of the shared flow.
    • Run jobs.
  • Schedules
    • Create new schedules.
    • Edit schedules.



NOTE: When a column is hidden from a dataset, it is hidden for all users.

Tip: You can review the history of changes to a recipe through the Edit History for a recipe. See Recipe Panel.

Removing access

You can remove sharing access to a flow. When a flow is no longer shared with a user, that user:


When a flow is shared, any connections associated with it are automatically shared to the specified users. If the connection is configured to do so, credentials are included, so that the new users can immediately begin using the flow.For more information, see Flow View Page.

For more information on the privileges for Viewer and Editor roles, see Privileges and Roles Reference.