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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DEV and version r095


  • If the source Datetime value does not include a valid input for this function, a missing value is returned.
  • D s product
    supports a wide variety of formats for Datetime fields. For more information on supported date formats, see Datetime Data Type. 
  • You can explore the available Datetime formats through the Transformer page. From a column's type drop-down, select Date/Time . Then, select the formatting category. From the displayed drop-down, you can select a specific format. When this transform step is added to your recipe, you can edit it to see how the format is specified in
    D s lang


D s product
supports Java formatting strings, with some exceptions.


NOTE: Two-digit values for the year that are older than 80 years from the current year are forward-ported into the future. For example, in a job run on Dec 31, 2021, the date 01/01/41 is interpreted as 01/01/1941. However, if the job is run the next day (January 01, 2022), then the same data is interpreted as 01/01/2041. For more information including workarounds, see Datetime Data Type.


NOTE: If the platform cannot recognize the date format string, the generated result is written as a string value.

For more information on supported date formats, see Datetime Data Type.

  • Missing values for this function in the source data result in missing values in the output.
  • Multiple columns and wildcards are not supported.



2/15/16 13:26:58.123

3/12/99 2:45:21.456

11/21/11 23:02:18.000

D trans
WrangleTextderive type:single value:dateformat(Timestamp,'h:mm:ss a') as:'newTimestamp'
p01NameFormula type
p01ValueSingle row formula
p02Valuedateformat(Timestamp,'h:mm:ss a')
p03NameNew column name
SearchTermNew formula


NOTE: For this function, use of the lower-case hour indicator (h or hh) requires the use of an AM/PM indicator (a).



1:26:58 PM

2:45:21 AM

11:02:18 PM


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