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  1. To change a data source, open the flow containing it. 

  2. In Flow View, you can:

    1. Click the imported dataset icon. Then, click Replace.


      NOTE: This action removes the imported dataset and all links (edges) coming out of it. The replacement must be reconnected with any downstream objects.

    2. Click the recipe icon. Then, click Change input.


      NOTE: This action substitutes only the primary input from a recipe, which does not include any datasets that are integrated from joins, unions, lookups, or other multi-dataset options.

  3. Select the new source:


    NOTE: You can select data from any flow to which you have access. Changes to the source are inherited.

    D caption
    Change Dataset Dialog


    1. If replacing an imported dataset, you can import new data as the replacement. Click Import Datasets. For more information, see Import Data Page.

  4. Click Replace or Change.
  5. Your dataset is now using the selected dataset as its source, and the current recipe in the Transformer page is applied to the new source.

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