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  • Import Macro: Click to import a macro that has been exported to your local desktop. For more information, see Import Macro.
  • Get Macros: Explore and download macros from
    D s wrx
  • Search: Enter a string in the search box. The list of macros is updated in real-time.
  • Sort: Click the caret next to any column head to sort the list based on the column.
  • Context Menu: See below.

Context Menu Optionsmenu options:

  • Edit: Modify the name and description for the macro. You can also modify the name, description, and default values for the macro's inputs.
  • Inspect: Review the recipe steps in the macro.
  • Export: Export the macro to your local desktop. For more information, see Export Macro.
  • Replace: Replace an existing macro definition with a macro that you have exported to your local desktop


    NOTE: If your imported macro contains macro inputs that are not in the macro that you are replacing, the existing instances of the replaced macro contain a broken step where the macro is referenced but has no data. These references must be fixed in each macro instance.


    Tip: If you must add more macro inputs or steps to a macro that you have imported, you must convert the macro to steps, modify them, and then perform a replacement. For more information, see Create or Replace Macro.