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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DEV and version r096


  • Select/Deselect checkbox: Select or deselect all steps in your recipe.
  • Edit: (Single step selected only) Edit the recipe step.


    NOTE:  When data grid updating is disabled, you may not be able to edit some recipe steps. For steps that you can edit, select Preview to see the effects of the step on the data.

  • Disable/Enable: Disable the selected step or steps. 
  • Delete: Delete the selected step or steps.

  • Move: Move the selected steps to the start or end of the recipe or up or down one step in the recipe.


    Moving a recipe can cause steps to break. Some fixups may be required.

  • Recipe toolbar context menu: See below.
  • Recipe options: See below. 


  • Display

    D s lang
    /natural language. Toggle between displaying recipe steps in native
    D s lang
    or in more readable language (default).

  • See Edit History. Display history of recipe edits by user. See Edit History Panel.

  • Edit with data grid: Select  to enable or disable display of data with the data grid. For more information, see Data Grid Panel.
  • Download Recipe as 

    D s lang
    . You can download the recipe as text for offline review and storage.



    D s lang
    recipes are stored in the
    D s item
    . You cannot upload new or modified recipes to the platform.