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The Flag for review option enables you to flag a step in the recipe for review. When you select this optionflag a step for review, a warning icon is displayed against for the corresponding step and it helps the flow users to review the steps , alerting flow users that the step must be reviewed and cleared of the flag before running the job.


NOTE: When a step is flagged for review, all downstream steps are disabled, and you cannot run the job until all flagged steps are reviewed. Steps must be reviewed in descending, top-to-bottom order. For more information, see Flag for Review.


  • Flag for review: Marks the current step as pending review.
    • Select the Flag for review option, add the a name and description, and click Flag
    • A warning icon is displayed against the corresponding step. For more information, see Flag for Review. 
  • Unflag for review: Removes the flag from the current step from pending , unblocking review.
  • Edit descriptionRename review step: Edit the name and description for of the flag for review.
  • Mark as reviewed /Mark as pending review: You can toggle between these options to mark the review as complete or to mark the step as pending review. After you select Mark as reviewed, a tick mark is displayed against the reviewed step.

For more information, see Flag for Review.

Multi-step options

If you select multiple steps in your recipe, the following options are available: