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All users of any version of

D s product
must be assigned the roles/dataprep.projects.user IAM Role.


This role and its related permissions enable access to all data in a project. Other permissions do not apply.


PermissionProduct Use

Enables users This permission is required to cancel their jobs in progressjobs on

D s dataflow
from within the
D s webapp
. It is not required for the product to work but may be helpful to add via IAM roles.


NOTE: The ability to cancel a job from within the

D s webapp
is temporarily disabled. When it is re-enabled, this permission will be required. You should leave this permission enabled, if possible.


NOTE: A user may be able cancel a job from the

D s webapp
, even though the user is not permitted to cancel the job in the running environment. The service account associated with the user's 
D s item
may have the appropriate permissions, but the user's personal account does not. For more information, see Google Service Account Management


The following permission is not required to publish to BigQuery.

PermissionProduct Use

If this permission is not granted to a user, that user requires one of the following permissions to drop or truncate table data in BigQuery: 

  • The user is granted editor or owner role on the project.
  • The user is granted bigquery.tables.delete for the project.

NOTE: If a user does not have this permission when publishing to a table, the user receives a warning that the target dataset is read-only.

BigQuery job execution

To enable execution of jobs in BigQuery, the following permission must be enabled. Additional configuration may be required. For more information on this feature, see BigQuery Running Environment.