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D s webapp
, you can rename individual columns through the column drop-down. Through transform steps, you can apply renaming to one or more columns.

D s minrows

Name Requirements



NOTE: When publishing to Avro,Parquet, or database tables, column names support alphanumeric characters and the underscore (_) character only. Column names cannot begin with a numeral. Other characters cause an error to occur.


NOTE: Column names with spaces or special characters in a transformation must be wrapped by curly braces. Example:

Code Block
column1,{Column 2 with space},column3


Rename Individual Columns

Rename a column through column menu

To rename a column, click the drop-down caret next to the column name. Click Rename.


  • The separator is defined as an underscore character (_). This value can be empty.
  • When Fill across is selected, if any row value is empty, the last non-empty value for the row in a previous column is used as part of the column header.

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label(label = "rename")