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pageBuild Data Quality Rules


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When flows are exported and imported, the rule definitions for the recipes in the flow are also exported.

Using Rules

In the data quality rule bar, a green bar indicates that the row values passed the rule check, and a red bar indicates that the row values are failed. You can hover over the displayed color to see the row counts and percentage. 

Context menu:

The following context menu options are available when you create a rule:

  • Edit rule: Edit the data quality rule.
  • Delete rule: Delete the data quality rule.


    NOTE: Deleting a data quality rule does not affect your data.

  • Show Failing Values Only: Highlight the values that have failed the rule. 
  • Show Passing Values Only: Highlights the values that have passed the rule
  • Clear Preview: Removes the value highlighting from the data grid.

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label(label = "data_quality")