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After you have finished developing the recipes in your flow, you can define scheduled executions of the recipe or recipes within the flow to deliver outputs to known locations. Using the Automator, you can automate execution of jobs on source data, which can be replenished with fresh data asynchronously.


NOTE: Before you begin, you should verify that your data management pipeline into and out of the platform has been appropriately defined. This pipeline includes how data is written to the output location. For more information, see Overview of Automator.



NOTE: If your scheduled flow uses an imported output object where

D s dataflow
execution overrides have been specified, then the overrides are applied to the scheduled job. Property values that do not appear in the imported output object are taken from the Project Settings pageyour execution settings. See Dataflow Execution Settings Page.

Add a Schedule


  1. Open the flow in Flow View.
  2. From the context menu, select Schedule.
  3. In the Add Schedule dialog, select your scheduling options:
    1. Timezone: Select the timezone to use to determine when to execute the specified schedule.
    2. Frequency: Select the time and frequency of execution: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or cron.


      NOTE: Scheduling supports a modified version of cron scheduling syntax. For more information, see cron Schedule Syntax Reference.

    3. To add another scheduled time, click Add.


  4. To save your schedule, click Save.
  5. A Calendar icon appears in Flow View to indicate that the flow has a schedule associated with it.


  • To disable a schedule you control, click the Calendar icon in Flow View. Then, move the slider to disable it. 
  • Administrators can disable schedules for all flows in the workspace. For more information, see Schedules Page.


NOTE: If you receive an email indicating We have disabled one of your schedules when you did not choose to disable it, you need to login to

D s product
, which automatically refreshes your access token. Then, you can re-enable your schedule through Flow View.