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HostHost of the database.

Port by which to access the database host.

Default values are pre-populated based on the connection type you selected.

Connect String Options

(optional) If access to the database requires special connection string options, you may paste or enter them here.

You only need to provide the parameter and string value. Example:

Code Block
Enable SSL

To connect using SSL, click this checkbox.

If this checkbox is not present, SSL connections for this database type are not supported or are required:

No additional Connect String Options are required for supported database vendors.


NOTE: The database must be configured to receive SSL connections.

Service Name(Oracle only) Name of the service. For example, enter orcl here.
Database(PostgreSQL only) Name of the database to connect. The name of the default database is the username, so you should change this value in most cases.
Credential Type

Depending on the type of datastore to which you are connecting, you may have multiple methods of providing credentials for authentication:

  • Basic - Username and password credentials are provided as part of the connection definition.
  • OAuth2 - Connection accesses the datastore using OAuth2 authentication.

User Name

(basic credential type) Username to access the database. This value is encrypted for security.

(basic credential type) Password for the specified user. This value is encrypted for security.
OAuth2 Client

(OAuth2 OAuth 2.0 credential type) Select the OAuth2 OAuth 2.0 client to use to connect to the datastore.


NOTE: You must create a separate connection for each OAuth2 OAuth 2.0 client that is available in the drop-down list.

Test Connection

When the above properties are specified, click Test Connection to validate that

D s product
can connect to the database.

Advanced Options: Default Column Data Type Inference

You can choose to enable or disable type inferencing for individual connections, when the connection is created or edited.

Connection Name

Display name of the connection, which appears in the application.


NOTE: This value must be unique among all connections.

Connection DescriptionUser-friendly description for the connection, which appears in the application.