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Regional Endpoint

A regional endpoint handles execution details for your

D s dataflow
job, its location determines where the
D s dataflow
job is executed.


A sub-section of region, a zone contains specific resources for a given region.

Select Auto Zone to allow the platform to choose the zone for you.

Machine Type

Choose the type of machine on which to run your job. The default is n1-standard-1.

Note: not all machine types supported directly through

D s product


VPC Network mode

If the network mode is set to Auto (default), the job is executed over publicly available IP addresses. Do not set values for Network, Subnetwork, and Worker IP address configuration.

As needed, you can override the default settings configured for your project for this job. Set this value to Custom.


NOTE: Avoid applying overrides unless necessary. These network settings apply to job execution. Preview and sampling use the default network settings.

  1. Specify the name of the VPC network in your region.
  2. Specify the short or full URL of the Subnetwork. If both Network and Subnetwork are specified, Subnetwork is used. See
  3. Review and specify the Worker IP address configuration setting. See below.

For more information:

NetworkTo use a different VPC network, enter the name of the VPC network to use as an override for this job. Click Save to apply the override.

To specify a different subnetwork, enter the URL of the subnetwork. The URL should be in the following format:

Code Block


  • <REGION> is the region identifier specified under Regional Endpoint. These values must match.
  • <SUBNETWORK> is the subnetwork identifier.

If you have access to another project within your organization, you can execute your

D s dataflow
job through it by specifying a full URL in the following form:

Code Block<HOST_PROJECT_ID>/regions/<REGION>/subnetworks/<SUBNETWORK>


  • <HOST_PROJECT_ID> corresponds to the project identifier. This value must be between 6 and 30 characters. The value can contain only lowercase letters, digits, or hyphens. It must start with a letter. Trailing hyphens are prohibited.

Click Save to apply the override.