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  • Job: Internal identifier for the job. This value is unique for all jobs in your 
    D s item

  • OutputRun from:
    • Location where the job was launched. Click the link to view details. See Flow View Page.
  • Status:

    • See Tabs above.
  • Started: Start timestamp for the job.

    • Scheduled jobs are indicated with an icon.


  • Filter by status: Click one of the tabs to filter the display to show only the listings for the selected job status.
  • Filter by type and date: Click the Funnel icon to filter the list of jobs by source of execution, date range, or both. See below.
  • Search: Enter text in the search field to filter the listed jobs by job ID, flow name, or dataset name. 


Next to the job listing, click the options menu to see the following:


  • Delete job: Delete the job from the platform.


    Deleting a job cannot be undone.