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  1. When you first open Plan View, you should see an empty plan:

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    Plan View - empty plan
  2. To begin, do one of the following:
    1. From the Plan View context menu, click Schedule.
    2. Click the big circle. 
  3. In the right context panel, click Create schedule.
  4. In the Add Trigger panel, you can specify the triggers when the plan is executed. You can specify one or more triggers:

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    Add trigger(s)
  5. For each trigger:

    1. Timezone: Specify the timezone that applies to the scheduled time. For more information on timezones, see Supported Time Zone Values.

    2. Frequency: You can specify the frequency of when the schedule is triggered.

      1. In each trigger, you can specify multiple On values (e.g. Same time on Sunday and Monday).

      2. As needed, you can specify the On value using a modified form of cron job syntax. For more information, see cron Schedule Syntax Reference.

  6. To add more triggers, click Add another trigger and specify it.

    1. To delete a trigger, click the X next to it.

  7. Parameter overrides:

    1. If the flows in your plan contain parameters, you can apply overrides to the parameter values. 
    2. Overrides provided in this panel are applied only when the trigger is executed.


      NOTE: Multiple values are ok for plan parameters, as long as the parameter values do not conflict. If you see a warning icon next to a set of multiple parameter values, then you must fix this conflict, or the plan fails to execution. For more information, see Manage Parameters Dialog.

    3. You can apply overrides through Plan View, too. For more information, see Manage Parameters Dialog.  
  8. To save your schedule, click Save.

  9. In the context panel, you can make changes to your schedule:
    1. After saving, the schedule is automatically enabled. To disable the schedule, use the slider bar. 


      NOTE: A plan cannot be executed if the schedule for it has been disabled.

    2. To make changes to the schedule and its triggers, click Edit.


You can monitor the progress of your plan runs and review all previous plan runs. See Plan Runs Page.

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