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  • Run:  Run the plan. You can track progress of your plan run. See Plan Run Details Page.


    Tip: You can apply overrides to flow parameters through the Parameters tab. See Plan View for Flow Tasks.

    See Plan Runs Page.

  • Schedule: Create or edit the plan schedule with one or more triggers through the right context panel. See "View for Tasks."
  • Share: Share the plan with other users. See Share a Plan.
  • Runs: The Runs link tracks the current total number of runs that have been queued or executed for this plan. Click this link to track progress on your plan run. 


  • Rename: Modify the name and description for your plan.

  • Parameters: You can apply overrides to the recipe parameters for your plan tasks during plan job runs. See Manage Parameters Dialog for Plans.
  • Email notifications: Send email notifications on the plan runs. See Manage Plan Notifications Dialog.
  • Export: Export the plan from from the
    . See Export Plan.
  • Transfer ownership: (Available to owner or admin only) Transfer ownership of this asset to another user. See Transfer Asset Ownership. 
  • Delete: Delete your plan. 


Task context menu options: 


Some options may not be available for specific task types.

  • View flow: This option opens the flow.
  • Edit name: Modify the name of the task.
  • Delete: Delete the task from your plan.



  • In Plan View, click the Runs (x)  link.
  • In the Run Details page, click Cancel plan run.

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