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Through the Flows page, you can create, review, and manage your flows and their datasets.  

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Flows Page
The Flows page displays the flows to which you have access and lets you create, review, and manage them

  •  flow  is an object for bringing together and organizing the datasets that you use to generate your results. 
  • datasetdataset  is the result of a recipe applied to a dataset. There  There are two types of datasets. For more information, see Imported vs Wrangled Dataset.
    • For more information on creating and managing datasets, see see Datasets Page

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Flows Page


  • Name:  The name of the flow and its description (if any). 

    • Click the flow name to review the flow, its datasets, and its recipes. See Flow View Page.
  • Datasets: Count of datasets in the flow. 
  • Last Updated: Timestamp for the last time that the flow was modified.