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Use the Dataset Details page to review a dataset's history of job executions and to perform management tasks on it. 

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The available details of the dataset depend on the type of dataset: imported dataset or wrangled dataset.

For more information on dataset types, see Imported vs Wrangled Dataset.

Imported Datasets

For datasets that have been imported into

D s product
, you can review source location and current usage within flows to which you have access.

  • To inspect a sample of values from the imported dataset, click the Eye (Image Added) icon.
  • If the dataset is used in a flow, click the flow name to review its usage in the flow. See Flow View Page.

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Dataset Details page


 for imported dataset


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Edit the dataset.Image Removed
PreviewClick the Preview icon next to the dataset name to review the first few rows of the dataset.
Wrangle in New FlowCreate a new flow for your dataset and begin wrangling.
Add to Flow...Add imported dataset to a new or existing flow.

Edit name and description...

Edit the name and description for the dataset.
Delete Dataset

Delete the dataset.


Deleting a dataset cannot be undone.

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Wrangled Datasets

For wrangled datasets, you can explore usage and job history.

Click the name of the flow to explore it further. See Flow View Page.

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Dataset Details page for Wrangled dataset


Edit recipe

Load the dataset in the Transformer page and resume
editing. See Transformer Page.
  • Navigate:  Use the breadcrumb trail to navigate back to the Flows page. See  Flows Page .
Run JobSpecify and launch a job for this dataset.

Add to Flow...

Add wrangled dataset to a new or existing flow.

Edit name and description...

Edit the name and description for the dataset.

You can delete the dataset through the Datasets page. See Datasets Page.


Results Panel

In the Results panel, you can use the cards to review the entire execution history for this dataset and review and download the results.



View a summary of the results. See Results Summary Page.

Open the generated results to your local desktop.

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View the recipe that was used during execution.


Tip: You can copy this recipe to the clipboard for safekeeping.