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  • Dataset menu: Click the drop-down next to the dataset name to select one of the other datasets in the flow to transform. See Change Dataset BrowserDialog
  • Dependencies Graph: You can explore the datasets that are integrated into the current one and the datasets that depend on it.

    D caption
    Dependencies Graph


    • The first value indicates the number of datasets on which the current dataset depends.

    • The second value indicates the number of datasets that depend on the current dataset.


      Tip: If the second value is greater than 1, then other datasets depend on the current one. Changes in your current dataset can cause breakages and other dependency issues in downstream datasets. For more information, see Fix Dependency Issues.

    • These datasets can be explored in the Dependencies Browser. To open, click the graph. See Dependencies Browser.
  • Generate Results: Runs the currently specified recipe on the dataset. See Generate Results Dialog.
  • User menu: Review your user profile. See User Profile Page.
  • Help menu: Begin a chat session with
    orquery documentation resources for answers to your questions.