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In the Column Details panel, you can review additional details about a column of your dataset. Select Column Details from the Grid menu at the top of the Transformer Page or from any column menu.

  • From the Column Browser panel, you can display column details by clicking the Microscope icon next to a column histogram. See Column Browser Panel.

Tip: Use the Column Details panel to explore values in an individual column, when the context of the value is not important for your current exploration. For example, you can identify outlier values for the column or compare the number of unique values to number of rows to determine whether the column could be a key value.

D caption
Column Details panel
Column statistics:

You can use this view to review basic counts and percentages of the values in the currently selected column. In addition to basic computations on valid, mismatched, and missing values, you can see breakdowns for the most frequent values and outlier values. 


Depending on the data type of the column, additional statistics provide information on data quality and variation. For more information, see Column Statistics Reference.

Explore values:

You can also use this panel to explore specific values that you select in the Column Browser. In the above image, a range of values has been selected in the left navigation panel. In the right panel, you can see the corresponding values as darker bars in related columns.


  • To change the data type, click the type indicator next to the column title in the Column Details panel.
  • To perform commands on the column, select from the drop-down next to the column title. For more information, see Column Menus.
  • Use the data quality bar to select categories of values: valid, mismatched, or missing. The transform cards or Transform Editor are updated at the bottom of the screen based on your selection with recommended recipe steps.