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Tip: As you mouse over areas of the Transformer page and its panels, the lightbulb () icon appears next to the cursor to indicate that the

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has some suggestions. Select the data to see the transform suggestions.


In the following example, your dataset contains a column of URLs. Within one of the values, you can select the http:// value, which then triggers an appropriate set of transform cards at the bottom of the page:


  • To apply a suggestion, select the data, and then choose the suggestion to apply from the list of cards. Click Add to Recipe.
  • If needed, you can customize the selected suggestion in the Transform Editor. Click Modify. See Transform Builder.
  • To generate a new set of transform cards, click Cancel. Then, select a different set of columns or values within a column.



Tip: By default, suggestion cards are displayed in natural language. To see suggestions in native

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, you can change the setting in the options in the top-right corner of the data grid. For more information, see Data Grid Panel.