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Transform Suggestion cards provide a means to select relevant suggestions for transform steps to apply to the data that you select in the Transformer page. The suggestions vary depending on the data you have selected. You can then use the cards to preview the results in the Data Griddata grid, so that you are confident that the proposed transformation works for your dataset.

  • Transform Suggestion cards are displayed at the bottom of the Transformer page when in the context panel you select something in the data.
  • If these cards are not displaying, click the Grid Options menu in the Transformer Page. Select Card Suggestions.

Tip: As you mouse over areas of the Transformer page and its panels, the lightbulb (Image Removed) icon Lightbulb icon appears next to the cursor to indicate that the

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has some suggestionssuggestions are available. Select the data to see the transform suggestionssuggestion cards.

In the following example, your dataset contains a column of URLsaddresses. Within one of the values, you can select the http:// valuea zip code, which then triggers an appropriate set of transform cards at the bottom of the pagesuggestion cards:

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Suggestion Cards

In the above image, the Extract transformation first suggestion in the Extract values matching suggestion card has been selected by default, with parameters specified to extract the the selected the selected string from the source column (Primary_Website_or_URL). You can see the potential results of the transformation in the generated preview column (Primary_Website_or_URL1). full_address). This selection may not be your intention. Options:

  1. Select a different transform Hover over different suggestions. A mini-preview appears to the left of the suggestion.

  2. Click a different suggestion in the same card. In this case, you might click the replace cardthe first suggestion in the Replace card, so that you can remove the protocol identifier stringzip code.


    Tip: Among the transform suggestion cards, use horizontal scrolling scroll to see other transform suggestion cards that are off-screen.

    Click a variant of the currently selected transform card. At the bottom of each card is a series of one or more dots. Click one of these variants for modifications to the selected transform.


    Tip: When you select a different transform variant in the transform card, the Preview is automatically updated to reflect the variation. Pay attention to the differences in the generated Preview. You can always modify the transform to review the detailed differences.


    Tip: As you select variants further to the right in the transform card, the variants If it is present, a See all link displays more suggestions in that card. Variants further down in the suggestion card typically become more specific in their changes to the dataset or rarer in their usage.

  3. Modify the selected transform. To edit the raw
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    step, click ModifyEdit. You can fine-tune parameters of the transform or create a new one from scratch. See Transform Builder.


  • To apply a suggestion, select the data, and then choose the suggestion to apply from the list of cards. Click Click Add to Recipe.
  • If needed, you can customize the selected suggestion

    in the Transform Editor. Click Modify

    . Click Edit. See Transform Builder.

  • To generate a new set of transform suggestion cards, click click Cancel. Then, select a different set of columns or values within a column.

Tip: By default, suggestion cards are displayed in natural language. To see suggestions in native

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, you can change the setting in the options in the top-right corner of the data grid. For more information, see Data Grid Panel.